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Qantas Cunningham

My Amazing Guide Dog

Hello. On becoming a Guide Dog, the last thing i expected was to be thrown into a bubble of Exposure, Fun and Excitement. At 8 weeks of age, I started my journey of uncertainty into the world of becoming a fully trained Guide Dog. From being dragged into the WI, Schools, Chemists, Shops, Vets, in and out of training vans at Guide Dogs, Buses, Cars and Trains, my qualification journey was completed in March 2021.

My daily routine is varied from going to the Gym, Shops, my local park and having fun at home with mum, dad and my favourite fluffy toy, Rosie Dog.

  • Name - Qantas Cunningham

  • Date of Birth - 5th September 2018

  • Address - Home with Mum & Dad

  • Breed - German Shepherd / Goldon Retriever

  • Weight - 42KG

  • Attributes - Kind Willing Thoughtful Honest Loving

  • Things i need to improve on - Walking dad round puddles, Keeping away from low trees and bushes, Stop rolling in muddy parks

  • Favourite Treats - Dental Sticks, Nylon Bones

Qantas as a puppy with his big ears
Steve and Qantas sat in the back of the car
Qantas lying down asleep when a puppy
Black and white photo of qantas sleeping
Qantas looking right at you with his favourite toy
Steve and qantas going out for a walk
Qantas sat in the park
Qantas sitting at home in the loungs with a look on his face that says, where's my dinner
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