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What the Eye can't See

Here For You

This book is a true reflection of a young boy's dreams, aspirations and ambitions, a genuine look back on my life.

We all know that life can be cruel in many different ways. Losing my eyesight at the age of 12 was a shocking thing to happen, but was it the end of a young boy's life or the start?

This is the true story of Steve Cunningham.

It's the story of the pain and heartbreak he felt when his dream of fulfilling his potential as a professional footballer at his beloved Aston Villa was shattered. It's about his journey of success in business and his five world records - and it's a testament to his courage, determination and his absolute desire to turn life around and be the best he could possibly be. The attitude towards him, his disability and being labelled as "handicapped" 40 years ago is far removed from today's society. However, the barriers of discrimination and ignorance are still very real and experienced daily.

Steve had fight, belief and a confidence in himself to do something extra special with his life. The support, guidance and love from his parents is and was one of the key factors in driving him towards his personal dreams and achievements.

Hello and welcome to my world.


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